Business lifestyle and branding photography Goosnargh Gin

couple in the woods with the gin still goosnargh gin

Business lifestyle and branding photography Goosnargh Gin

Corporate and branding photography

“Want to come and help promote our Gin?” asked Rachel and Richard Trenchard, didn’t take me long to think about that one! A bit of a change when I went up to Goosnargh on the edge of Beacon Fell in Lancashire to help with their branding photography.

This lovely husband and wife team are the founders of Goosnargh Gin, at their home distillery. It a very local product, distilled on the premises by hand, using local ingredients and sold in local farm shops and fairs. The photos were to be set in the landscape where the gin was created and were to reflect the ideology behind the product.

They have even started running foraging and distilling days from their home at Beacon Fell. This is a great way of discovering the botanicals growing on the land that most people don’t recognise.

I took inspiration from their branding with the graphics on their logo depicting the woods and deer, for the photos. We went up onto the Fell to find some great backdrops in such a picturesque area with trees on one side and an undulating valley on the other.

See more on their website here; Goosnargh Gin