Child photography on a snowy day in the Pennines

little girl looks at camera in the snow

Child photography on a snowy day in the Pennines

It’s so much fun being a family photographer, especially when people want to go up in the hills and snow of Huddersfield! We had a great session, and managed to cram a lot into a short time, as we didn’t want little hands a feet to get freezing!

After a little chat at home on the morning of the session we headed out with Mum Rebecca up onto a path on the moors above Holmfirth. It was like a different world up there and it started snowing with perfect timing! Such a great spot for photos I may be using it again to capture an adventurous wedding couple if I get chance.

There was definitely a relaxed feel to the walk, and the photos. I just wanted to capture the relationship between girl and dog, they make such a cute pair.

Can’t wait for my next dog and child photo session, there’s plenty going onto my Facebook page if you want to see more;