engaged couple laugh and hug

Engagement photography Halifax

Lauren and Wes were one of my lucky winners of the engagement competition I ran. We subsequently had a lovely morning in Norwood Green, Halifax, West Yorkshire skipping through the buttercups and getting some lovely photographs of them together. Even Maple the horse came and took part!

I had a chat with Lauren over the phone and we set up a date to get some shots of the two of them, and maybe Maple too. On the day we met up at the stables where Lauren keeps her horse, and then we went for a wander across the buttercup-filled fields. The couple just went for a romantic walk as they often do on Sunday’s and I captured them being cute and huggy!

Lauren knows the area very well as she’s had her horse there for 15 years, so she told me what there was around. We took a walk up to the woods and got some lovely pics there with the sunlight just peeping through the trees. We then took a short cut through another field where there was a beautiful tree, and also some rather frisky horses, so we had to make a fast retreat! They ran straight for us! We headed off down to the stables to get Maple out, but it’s fair to say she had one thing on her mind and it wasn’t photos! She was determined to get into her field with her playmates as she was desperate for a good old run around!

Lauren and Wesley saw the funny side and we got plenty of other photos with the horses in the background. I had my special lighting on some of these shots, as the sun wasn’t really wanting to come out to play. We then went back to the barn, where they had a perfect old wooden door which I just couldn’t ignore! It’s funny how things look different when you’re in “photo mode”. Lauren and Wesley were so lovely and relaxed, it was a pleasure photographing your morning together!