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Engagement Photography Huddersfield

Getting to know you

I know one of the things that make people nervous when planning a wedding, is thinking about how they’re going to react in front of the camera. That’s why engagement shoots, or pre-wedding sessions are a great idea. It just gets you used to how it works and how relaxed it is with no stiff poses or pre-designed ideas about what you need to do. We just go for a walk, have a chat, and usually quite a lot of laughing, and you get to hug and hold hands with your favourite person. What’s not to like?

Lewis and Amy did exactly that when we met up at my favourite place, Beaumont Park for a wander around and a chat about their wedding plans. They got to have a romantic meander around the picturesque walkways and woods whilst I just captured their time there without too much direction.

Such a shame that their wedding has had to be postponed because of the awful virus, but we shall reconvene in 2021 for a proper do and celebration at Fixby Hall, a magnificent wedding venue in Huddersfield.

I don’t think the couple meant to have such a long engagement, but it will be worth the wait in the end.