mum and dad swing little boy

Family photography in Mossley

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we can’t get some great family photos outdoors! We have to go with it now as winter seems to last 6 months!

We had a great little walk around with mum, dad, the kids and dog in Mossley, exploring and generally doing things any family might do on a walk with the family dog at the weekend. I met up with the family and we set off straight from the house on a lovely amble along the bridal path, in fact where I used to come cross-country running with school, a long time ago!

These are lovely things to capture, different to a special occasion when you’re in your best clothes, this is more like real life. It’s great to look back on moments like these, and as we all know they only last so long before the kids don’t want to go out with mum and dad anymore, as they’re playing with their mates. It really captures how close the family are and the personalities of the kids, without asking them to pose or do anything they don’t feel comfortable with.

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