Lifestyle and Headshot Photographer Huddersfield

Consistent brand identity with images that convey your brand and personality.

I mean, that sounds ideal doesn’t it? The only trouble is, getting out of your comfort zone and going for it! I know having your photo taken can be a daunting prospect, and there aren’t many people who relish standing in front of the camera posing! So I have good news, you don’t have to pose, or lose weight or become something you’re not!

If you have a business, your clients and prospective clients want to get to know the real you.

They don’t need sugar-coated photoshopped to death images. You’ll be your biggest critic, clients just want to know who you are, that you’re a professional in your field and that you’re someone they can build a relationship with.

How do we achieve photos with personality?

Well, I’m no stand up comedian, but I do like to think I put people at ease and get the best out of anyone who is in front of the camera.