writer Charlotte Furness in Slaithwaite Huddersfield by a historic door

Lifestyle Brand Photography in Huddersfield

What is lifestyle branding photography?

Lifestyle branding photography might be a fairly new concept in the UK, but it’s a brilliant way to introduce yourself to the general public and prospective clients. It lets them see your personality on your website and social media.

I know it’s hard putting yourself out there, especially if you’re used to being in the shadows of your business, and letting your website do all the work. But if you allow people to see there is a real person working away behind the scenes, you can really connect with your followers and build confidence in your brand.

In today’s busy lifestyles we’re all on social media, but are we truly connecting to those brands that are only there to sell products? Wouldn’t we feel more of an affinity with those brands if we knew that there was a friendly face, and if we felt a human connection to them? If people can see you have an approachable personality with a back story and 3 dimensions, they remember you, and start to trust your business more.

Improving your social media presence

That’s what I hope to have helped Charlotte Furness with on our relaxed location shoot. We did a lot of chatting, drinking coffee and laughing too, it wasn’t all hard work!

Charlotte wanted a good stock of photos to use over time for her website and social media. So we tried a variety of locations and styling options. She even curated her wardrobe to match the colours for her website (always thinking!).

I don’t think many people are overly confident in front of the camera, and it can all feel a little overwhelming to put yourself front and centre, but it really is worth it, and I won’t make you cringe, I promise! More than headshots, these photos are to try to capture you as you really are. The fun side, the business side, outdoors, in the office, wherever you feel most comfortable and tells the story of you and your brand.

If you want to find out more about lifestyle branding photography in Huddersfield and Manchester let me know, we can have a chat about how it all works. I can help you with locations, outfits, hair and makeup, and most of all relaxing in front of the camera.

Check out Charlotte’s work here; https://www.charlottefurnesswriter.co.uk/

Another Lifestyle Branding shoot I’ve photographed; https://www.lizbakerphotos.co.uk/headshot-and-branding-photography-huddersfield/

Get in touch for further information regarding the shoot and to download a pdf.