Newborn Baby Photography Huddersfield and Saddleworth

baby captured yawning

Newborn Baby Photography Huddersfield and Saddleworth

Tips for newborn photography sessions

It’s not all weddings here, I do quite a few newborn photography sessions too. I tend to go for natural photos of baby just reacting to their surroundings and parents without being placed in any uncomfortable positions.

I want baby and parents to feel at ease, so they’re usually shot at their home, where they’ve got everything they need, should there be any outfit changes required, naps needed (the parents usually!) or milk warming up etc.

It’s lovely to include items that have maybe been bought as presents by family sometimes and to capture those first moments of baby looking at parents. It’s so surprising how different they can look in such a short space of time. Newborn shoots are generally captured within the first couple of weeks, but it can be anytime that suits the parents. I know it’s not easy in those first few weeks and it may be more a case of finding your feet than finding a photographer, but whenever you’re ready I’m sure we can capture some lovely moments.

Preparing for your newborn baby’s photo shoot;

Firstly don’t worry, I’ve had lots of experience with newborn babies. I know that they will not just lie there and sleep without there being some crying/ nappies/ possets/ outfit changes/ singing/ or anything to placate them! This is completely normal and certainly not something that will inconvenience me or get me wound up. All these things are to be expected!

Secondly, make it personal. If you have any outfits, blankets or teddies that you want to include that’s brilliant. It’s cute to look back and see how much they’ve grown or to document Aunty Betty making them a beautiful blanket. I don’t bring items for your baby to wear, just maybe a blanket or pillows to make them more comfortable. I don’t want to influence the photos, I want it to be a true representation of you and your families personalities.

Lastly, I will fit in with you and baby. It’s best to time these shoots so that you and baby are well rested (as much as is practical with a newborn!) well fed and not too hot or cold. If your baby is happiest in the evening, then we can do the photos then, equally I know they’re not a robot, so don’t worry if things go awry.

Please bear in mind that I will ask you to be involved with the photos, it’s not just baby on their own, so make sure you’re happy with your outfit too!

Fancy an outdoor family session? Here’s an example;

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