Outdoor baby photo session, Marsden, Huddersfield

black and white image of family outdoors

Outdoor baby photo session, Marsden, Huddersfield

Having lived in Marsden for 13 years now, I was thrilled when Gokul and family asked if they could have their photo shoot here. They spent many an hour running around these hills with their running clubs, so it was the first place they thought of for picturesque views and quiet places to let baby play around.

The Photo Session

Firstly, knowing what babies are like, I know that we don’t generally have loads of time to play with, so we opted for heading straight to the best spot by Butterley Reservoir. It was fairly easy to get to, and we could set up camp, with nearby clothes changes, bottles, and snacks (just for me! Ha!). So with no stress we had a play about. I don’t go with a strict agenda, we just see how baby is, and what he’s up for, and take it from there.

Secondly, all kids are not interested in getting good photos, they are interested in being silly and having fun, so that’s what I concentrate on.

That very British thing, the weather!

We were extremely lucky with the weather that day, but if you’re thinking of booking an outdoor family photo shoot, don’t be put off by the weather forecast. If it looks abysmal we can just re-arrange to another date, but if it looks cloudy or rainy you’ll be surprised with what it can look like in the pics. Obviously you don’t want to look like drowned rats, but kids find it hilarious to be allowed to splash in puddles and be silly.

The Area of Wessenden, Marsden and the Colne Valley.

Living here, I do know quite a few of the photogenic spots, all around Marsden and the Colne Valley. We are blessed with moors, rivers, epic views, and plentiful supplies of water from the many reservoirs. I’ve photographed at Digley, Scammondon and Wessenden before and don’t mind a hike up Pule Hill if you fancy a trek?