Tips for great wedding photos

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Tips for great wedding photos

Your wedding photographer wants you to get the best possible photos from your special day, which tell the story of how it felt to be there.

As much as it’s great to give your photographer the scope to capture natural reportage pictures, it is also good to have a few ideas in mind before the day.

Most people want a few groups shots. These don’t need to be too formal- it’s not a police line-up! In fact you may want to ask your photographer to bring some movement to these shots to show your personalities. If you can keep it to less than 10 groups you’ll find it will be done relatively quickly. I generally ask if there’s a person from each of the couples’ families who can gather people up quickly for the group photos, then everyone can still have a good mingle and get back to the bar if they wish.

If you’re looking for some great natural shots, it’s a good idea to have the time to let the photographer circulate with the guests and see what the dynamics of the friendship groups and families are like. I always have a good chat with the bridal party, parents and siblings- it makes everyone feel more relaxed.

One of the main things I am told at the wedding meeting is that couples are apprehensive about having their photo taken and especially “posing”. I can understand that, it makes it sounds so prescriptive and stiff. I think wedding photographers nowadays want the couple just to be themselves without insisting they do something which feels bizarre or forced. Having a laugh and trying to show your true personalities and the emotions of the day are key to great images.

The best thing to do is to try to relax, not stress about the small stuff if anything happens to go slightly off plan.¬† This is your day, you do it how you want to do it, traditional or not, there are no rules anymore. Enjoy yourselves and remember the important moments, as it’s all over so quickly!